Adjustable offset connector clamp for 15mm rods.

The Lanparte OFC-02 offset clamp transfer the 15mm rods of any rig to the side. It can be adjusted to fit almost anybodys need.

Just like the non-adjustable OFC-01, the OFC-02 readjusts the 15mm rods of your rig the side and the top (or bottom). This type of clamp is very handy when the user need to work with an optical viewfinder (or the electronic viewfinder of the camera). While the shoulder pad can stay on the shoulder, the base plate can wander in front of the users face, when the OFC-02 offset clamp is placed between them.

The overall offset can be adjusted by simply sliding some of the OFC-02 parts to the side. This way it is possible to transfer the rods to the side in a range between 105 and 150mm. The height adjustment ranges from 45 to 64mm. The clamp can be used two ways, one raising the rods, the other lowering the rods (when the clamp is turned around).

Please note that because of the design, this clamp is not as stable as the OFC-01. When used with heavy rigs and cameras, it is suggested to use another OFC-02.

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dimensions: approx. 196 x 24 x 84 mm
weight: approx. 160 grams