Extension arm for Lanparte follow focus.

The FF-ARM-02 was introduced when the first tall cameras like the C300 or the RED Scarlet arrived on the market. It was also an answer to users who wanted to use their battery grips for filming.

The main problem of the Lanparte FF-02 follow focus was it not being able to reach a lens when the camera body used was different to the body of a regular DSLR. The FF-ARM-02 was meant to be an extension which would solve this little problem (and it did). The extension would fit any Lanparte follow focus with the exception of the FF-01, which although still being produced when the extension was introduced, was designed differently when compared to the FF-02. Because of this, the extension arm can only be used with a FF-01 follow focus which was manufactured past summer 2012.

Mounting the extension arm is very easy and self explaining. The arm is placed on the follow focus just like you would do with a FFG gear wheel. When mounted, the angle of the arm can be adjusted as well as some sort of friction which will make turning the wheel more difficult. The supplied gear wheel is mod 0.8 and can not be removed from the arm.

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