Reverse gear for follow focus with mod 0.8.

The FFGR-01 reverse gear is a very handy addition for any Nikon user who want to change the rotation direction of his Lanparte Follow Focus.

The reverse gear is easily setup on the Lanparte FF-01, FF-02 or FF-02-19 follow focus. It is attached to the free side on the gear box and is driven by the gear wheel on the other side. This simple mechanism turns around the rotation direction of the follow focus, which might anger Nikon users with third party lenses that follow the "Canon rotation".

Another very handy feature is the extension of the follow focus by approximately 30mm. This might help if the regular follow focus wheel can not reach the lens because of it being small or because a battery grip is used with the camera. Because of the smaller gear diameter (30mm vs. 36mm), the focusing path will increase allowing for more precise focusing but also forcing the user to turn the follow focus hand grip more often to reach ceration points.

Please note that this reverse gear will only fit a Lanparte follow focus. It can not be used with any other brand.

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gear diameter: 30 mm
dimensions: approx. 51 x 65 x 60 mm
weight: approx. 25 grams