Speed crank for ARRI style 12x12 socket.

Switch on the turbo booster when focusing with your follow focus. The FFSC-01 speed crank is an attacheable lever that will allow spinning the follow focus wheel even faster.

The connection of the speed crank is done by simply sticking it into an ARRI compatible 12x12mm socket. Nearly every follow focus on the market comes with this type of connection, which is always directly in the centre of the hand wheel. It is possible that this speed crank might not fit into other brands except for Lanparte, although this chance is very low.

When inserted into the follow focus, the speed crank is locked by two spring-mounted  balls which are integrated in the connector. Because of the type of connection, the speed crank might feel a little loose when mounted. This is normal behaviour and it can be prevented by simply using a small piece of tape wrapped around the connector (or placed on one of its sides).

For quickly changing the focus, the user only needs to spin the lever of the speed crank. This can be done by holding the knob with three fingers or by simply using the index finger.

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