3-axis gimbal for GoPro Hero 3 and 4 actioncamera.

This is the GoPro version of the HHG-01 gimbal by Lanparte. This gimbal is delivered with the GOC-01 frame which can be used for mounting a GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4.

With the HHG-00, Lanparte introduced a gimbal which requires zero configuration from the user. It's simple plug and play: just install your camera, adjust the counter weights so the camera is in balance and you are ready to go! The HHG-00 features three fully motorized axes which are connected to a reliable AlexMos control unit. The gimbal has only one operation mode which is "follow mode", allowing the user to pan or tilt the camera naturally. There is absolutely no practice required, which makes this gimbal the perfect solution for a quick and dirty shoot or for a planned shoot as a B-cam.

The stabilization effect on the footage is pretty impressive with this gimbal. CMOS style jelly effect is completely reduced by the three motors, even when the user is running around with his GoPro. The gimbal recognizes pan and tilt movement. It is able to smooth out sudden movement, giving your footage a professional look, just like it was shot with an expensive steadycam system.

With the lithium ion battery, the gimbal can be operated for a maximum of three hours, depending on the payload and the way the gimbal is used. The battery is located inside the grip and can be changed quickly, just like you can change the magazine of a pistol. There are spare batteries available (HHGB-01) which can be used to power the gimbal for a whole day. Recharging is done by the supplied charger that is delivered with three type of socket adapters, each fitting different countries (EU, UK and US). While the battery is inside the gimbal, four status leds on the bottom will show you the current battery status. When the battery is nearly drained, only a red led with be lit. Next to the leds is the on/off switch which can be reached easily when holding the gimbal grip.

The gimbal and its accessories are delivered inside a robust hard case. Inside, you will also find a quick installation guide in english.

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Battery: Lithium Ion battery with 11.1V / 1500 mAh / 16.65 Wh
Run time: max. 3 hours with full battery, depending on usage
Dimensions: approx. 120 x 90 x 260 mm
Weight: approx. 480 grams