3-axis zero configuration gimbal for smartphones.

With the video quality of smartphones getting better and better, shaky video is still a problem. The Lanparte HHG-01 is a gimbal that is able to effectivly stabilize your footage while shooting handheld.

The gimbal uses the famous AlexMos board which controls a total of three motors, each responsible for one axis. The one and only follow mode will allow paning or tilting the smartphone naturally, making filming very easy and convenient. There is almost no practice needed in order to reach professional results, just like you could get it from a complicated steadycam system. The only thing that is required is bringing your smartphone in perfect balance before turning on the gimbal. If the smartphone is not balanced, the battery will drain very quickly as the motors will have to compensate too much.

The AlexMos board is able to recognize paning and tilting movement that is initiated by the user. Instead of sudden and jerky movement, the gimbal will create smooth transitions in every direction. This is something that can not be done effectivly even when in camera image stabilization is used. Speaking of this: while shooting, make sure you deactivate any type of stabilization inside your smartphone. Otherwise, the footage might look jerky when panning or tilting occurs.

Inside the gimbal grip is the lithium ion battery. This battery can power the gimbal for a maximum of three hours before it needs to be rechaged by the included charger. The charger comes with three interchangeable socket adapters, one for EU, UK and the US. The current battery status is indicated by four leds on the bottom of the battery. When the battery is depleted, a red led will come on. Next to the leds, the on/off switch is located. If you need to shoot for more than three hours, spare batteries can be bought (HHGB-01).

The gimbal and all the accessories are delivered in a robust hard case. There are two types of smartphone clamps included with the gimbal. With these, it is possible to use the HHG-01 with any smartphone that has a width between 58 and 92mm (basicly any smartphone, even the iPhone 6+).

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Battery: Lithium Ion battery with 11.1V / 1500 mAh / 16.65 Wh
Run time: max. 3 hours with full battery, depending on usage
Dimensions: approx. 120 x 90 x 260 mm
Weight: approx. 480 grams