Single hand grip for slip free mounting on two rods.

A simple hand grip that is mounted on two 15mm rods. Allows holding your rig securely with only one hand.

The SH-01 single hand grip is the perfect solution for the one who want to hold his rig in one hand while opreating a follow focus with the other. Compared to the BH-01 basic handle, the SH-01 single hand grip is definitly slip free as it is mounted on two rods at the same time. When locked, the handle stays in position, regardless on how heavy the payload is.

The handle is made from anodized aluminium and features a rubber hand grip just like the BH-01 basic handle. It fits any rig that comes with a 15mm rod support.

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Dimensions: approx. 173 x 78 x 31 mm
Weight: approx. 150 grams