Top handle for c-bracket mounting.

A slip free and realiable grip for mounting on 15mm rods.

The TH-01 top handle complements the CA-01 C-Bracket by Lanparte. Both parts can be combined to become one C-shadep connector with a top handle on it which can be used for carrying around the rig. The top handle is also very usefull when you want to shoot near the ground, like when following around a dog's butt... or children (or basicly anything that is small).

The handle of the TH-01 is coated with a rubber grip that makes holding the handle very comfortable. You can use this handle on any rig with 15mm rod support. It is not required to combine it with the CA-01 c-bracket as you can mount the handle directly on any baseplate, behind your camera. But keep in mind that the c-bracket definitly adds more comfort.

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Dimensions: approx. 132 x 79 x 92 mm (without rods)
Weight: approx. 200 grams (without rods)