Robust dual handles with quick release for 15mm rods.

Dual handles with reliable joints and a quick release mechanism for mounting on 15mm rods.

The Lanparte UG-02 is the successor of the UG-01 handles which lacked stability because of their 3d ball head joints. The UG-01 were robust but could not be loaded up too heavily as the risk of slipping would raise pretty quickly. With the UG-02, Lanparte introduced a new type of joints that despite being not as flexible, could carry a payload many times higher than the UG-01 could handle.

The secret behind this stability a sort of ball bearing that is used for the joints. While there is a metal ring with indentations on one side, there are several little balls on the other side. When the joints are locked, the balls move inside the indentations, this way becoming immobile. A big advantage of this system is, in case the locking should get loose, the handles will not slip without control like it could happen with the UG-01. The UG-02 will just rattle, indicating they require tightening. That's it.

Each leg of the UG-02 features a total of three joints that can be adjusted to the users needs. Because of the length of the legs, the user can keep his hands somewhere near the bellybutton instead of keeping them in mid-air like it is required when the BH-01 basic handles are used. This way, despite their higher weight, the UG-02 require less strength during operation.

Mounting the handles is done by a simple, yet reliable quick release mechanism. The handles need to be clicked on the 15mm rods, locking is done with the green wing screw below the quick release connector. The connection is very tight and secure, allowing loading up the rig with a lot of stuff, without the quick release connection coming off by itself.

The UG-02 are available for 19mm rods as well. These handles are called UG-02-19 and they do not feature the quick locking mechanism as rigs with 19mm rods tend to be enormously overweight.

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Dimensions: depends on the setups
Weight: approx. 1100 grams