Carbon fibre swing away matte box for 4x4 / 4x5.65 filters.

The MB-02 is a matte box that is aimed at the very professional users. It features a light weight carbon fibre housing and two filter trays that can be equipped with 4x4 or 4x5.65 filters.

When compared to the MB-01, the MB-02 has the same weight, despite being bigger. Instead of plastics, Lanparte used modern and light weight carbon fibre to build the matte housing. This is real carbon fibre and not plastics with carbon fibre look. This material allows the MB-02 matte box to be as light weight as the MB-01, although the price does not stay the same. The MB-02 is clearly placed in the upper pricing region as it has features that are mainly demanded by professional users.

Both filter stages of the MB-02 can be rotated by 360 degrees. Polarization or graduated filters can be used without restrictions in this matte box, just as plain neutral density of mist filters. The opening of the MB-02 is big enough to fit professional prime lenses like the CP.2 by Zeiss. As these lenses are designed for big filters, the MB-02 can be used with big 4x5.65 filters. Each filter tray has an adapter which can be used to alternativly mount 4x4 filters as well. Lens flares and ghosting is prevented by the big french flags which can also be used to protect the lens from damage during transportation. Additionally, foam donuts can be mounted on the rear of the matte box. This can be done without tools as the rear ring that holds these donuts can be simply pulled off and pushed back on when the right donut has been inserted. Lanparte also includes a flexible donut made from a material that is similar to what is used for umbrellas. Mounting this donut might be tricky, but as the opening can be adjusted in diameter, it is not required to change the donut anymore.

As the MB-01, the MB-02 features a clever swing away mechanism, that allows the housing to be hinged aside, making changing lenses quick and easy. The matte box housing can be adjusted in height (just a little bit, but this is usually nough) and it is mounted on 15mm rods using a right angle connector. Please keep in mind that this matte box is not a good solution when pancake lenses are used. The MB-02 is made for big zoom lenses or professional cinema primes.

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Dimensions: approx. 257 x 174 x 97 mm (without right angle connector and french flags)
Weight: approx. 1700 grams