HD-SDI to HDMI converter for 15mm rods.

Video converter to turn a HD-SDI signal into a HDMI signal. Makes it possible to view the picture of a SDI-only camera on a cheap HDMI-only monitor or EVF.

The Lanparte SDH-HDMI-C signal converter works with any standardized signal up to 3G. It can be used with standard resolution (e.g. 480i) as well as with high definition like 1080i or 720p. Because of this, the SDI-HDMI-C converter can be used together with professional digital betacam players and with modern digital film cameras and camcorders. With the supplied 5V AC-adapter, you can use it as a simple desktop converter which will allow you to keep the signal digital all the way, even if you are using an old-school Sony J3 betacam player.

The main purpose of this converter is the usage on a rig or cage. With the 15mm rod connector on the bottom, you can mount this converter on your rig, next to your BMCC or BMPC camera. The SDI connector is regular BNC, so any professional video cable can be used to connect the camera to the converter. HDMI is being output by a regular type A connector. If you happen to have a Lanparte battery pinch, you can power the converter with the regulated 5 volts output. Otherwise, the usage of power bank might help solving powering problems.

On the back of the converter, two LEDs inform about the current status of the converter. Here you can see if the converter is powered up and if there is a valid SDI signal coming in.

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Dimensions: approx. 105 x 69 x 48 mm
Weight: approx. 130 grams (without AC adapter)