Decoded battery dummy for professional Nikon DSLR.

Just like it is possible with Canon, this battery dummy makes it possible to power a professional Nikon DSLR from a high capacity v-lock or AntonBauer battery.

The Lanparte EL15P-01 is shaped like a Nikon EN-EL15 lithium ion battery and can be inserted in several professional Nikon DSLR like the D600, D610, D800 or D810. The cable can be connected to a Lanparte battery pinch, thus allowing to power the camera over many hours from just one professional battery (v-lock or AntonBauer). This is very handy for shoots where constant swapping of EN-EL15 batteries is not an option (like when the camera is rigged).

This battery dummy can also be used with the Lanparte PB600 battery pack.

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