Slim v-lock battery pinch for 15mm rods.

The VBP-02 is a slim version of the VBP-01 battery pinch. It comes without the built in HDMI splitter and is missing the second 12 volts output.

In total, the VBP-02 might be an inferior alternative to the VBP-01, but not if you compare size and weight of both units. The VBP-02 is lighter and more compact than the larger predecessor which makes it perfect for light weight cages and rigs. The battery pinch can be mounted on 15mm rods with the tiltable rod clamp. The angle in which the battery pinch is fixed can be adjusted. This makes this unit a versatile powering solution for DSLR, DSLM and cinema cameras.

All the electronics are inside the v-lock battery plate. The voltage conversion is done very efficiently as Lanparte uses a switching power supply inside. The voltage of the attached v-lock battery is converted to 5, 7.4, 12 and 15 volts. Each output is stabilized so you can be sure that you attached accessories will get the correct voltage all the time. The 7.4 output is a little different from the VBP-01. This output can be switched from 7.4 to 8.4 volts, if required. Usually, a DSLR or DSLM camera needs around 8.4 to 8.6 volts in order to operate correctly. There are some cameras on the market (not many) which require exactly 7.4 volts. There are also accessories which work the same way. The little switch next to the 7.4/8.4 output is meant exactly for these units.

If you have a monitor or and evf, it is very likely that you can use on the supplied spiral cords to connect the battery pinch with your stuff. As the dc connectors are not standardized, it might be possible that modifying the cables is required. The 7.4/8.4 output is a little different from the other outputs. This dc out is smaller and can be used with the optional Lanparte dc couplers / battery dummies which can be inserted into the camera just like a regular battery. When connected to the battery pinch, these dummies will forward the converted power to the camera, allowing for super long running times. You can even extend the running time to infinity by using the supplied AC adapter. With this, you can power the battery pinch from a power socket nearby. Alternativly, you can use the charging in port on the right side of the battery pinch in order to charge the attached v-lock battery. The charging process might be slow, but it is a great addition to anybody who wants to travel with as less equipment as possible. Saving weight from a standalone battery charger is a good step.

Accessories that do not require stabilized voltage, can be powered by the d-tap output. Here you can draw up to 10 amps of power for your light, monitor or whatever else is able to work with voltage ranging from 11 to 17 volt (this is what a v-lock battery usually outputs).

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Dimensions: approx. 143 x 103 x 25 mm
Weight: approx. 280 grams