Remote control for BlackMagic cameras with LANC.

Enjoy the comfort of starting and stopping your recording without taking your hands off your Lanparte handles.

The Lanparte LANC-01 is a simple yet usefull remote control box which can be attached to nearly any Lanparte handle that is available. It features a sturdy aluminium housing and a really nice red button which really nobody can miss. The remote control is mounted by using simply moving the metal ring on a Lanparte handle with a diameter of 31mm. After tightening one bolt, your are ready to go.

Connection to the camera is established with a spiral cord. This cord has a LANC compatible, 2.5mm jack on each side which can be plugged into the LANC in of your Blackmagic camera. The remote works with cameras like the BMCC, BMPC, BMPCC and quite possibly with other Blackmagic cameras as well. Keep in mind that cameras from other manufacturers will not work with this remote.

The metal ring on the back of the remote box can be removed to reveal a 1/4 inch thread. You can use this thread to mount the remote control on virtually any photographic accessory that is available on the market. You can even mount it on the handle of a third party rig, if it happens to have a fitting thread.

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Dimensions: approx. 64 x 37 x 11 mm (incl. ring adapter)
Weight: approx. 32 grams (without cable)