BMPCC-01 Little Boy Kit

Light weight rig for a BMPCC on a budget.

If you want to keep your BMPCC rig small and light weight, then the Little Boy Kit might something you should take a look at.

The Little Boy Kit offers just the basic functions that a Lanparte rig can offer. This does not apply to the BMPCC-01 cage which is part of this kit though, as there is only one version of this cage available. The BMPCC-01 cage features a height adjustable 15mm rod support, a top handle that can be reversed by pushing a button and, obviosly, a tripod support on the bottom. The camera is locked by two screws (top and bottom threads) which prevents unwanted movement even when heavy lenses are used. Every function of the camera will remain useable as the cage does not block things like other cages do.

The hand grips that are included in the kit are really simple to setup and use. They can be positioned asymmetrically allowing the user to hold the rig without malpositionig his back. Their main disadvantage might be the low payload as these handles might slip when not tightened well or when heavilly rigged up. Although it should be not a big deal as the BMPCC is a light weight camera after all.

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Dimensions: approx. 500 x 230 x 350 mm
Weight: approx. 2,7 kg