CR Rods

Made from real light weight carbon fibre.

The CR rods series by Lanparte is made from real carbon fibre and despite it super low weight very stable and inexpensive.

Directly after releasing the AR aluminium rod series, Lanparte threw the CR carbon fibre rod series on the market. Instead of using plastic with carbon look foil on top like many other manufacturers do, Lanparte offers real carbon fibre rods with all their advantages. These rods are very light, yet robust and can be used nearly the same way as their heavier aluminium brothers. The CR series rods have a diameter of 15mm and vary in length. While the shortest rod is 200mm, the longest rod is 450mm. Extending the rods by using Lanparte rod screws is not possible with these CR series rods as both ends are sealed with a cap and no inner thread is present.

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