Comfortable shoulder support with built in base plate.

The Lanparte VMS-01 is a versatile shoulder support which can be used with nearly any type of camera.

The shoulder support is mostly designed like a bigger version of the SS-01, with the main difference being a built in 15mm rod support on both ends and a quick release plate mounted on top. The shoulder pad is made from rubber and is formed to fit nearly every shoulder type. Next to the rubber part, there is a professional tripod mounting system called VCT-14. This tripod mounting system is very well known from professional camcorders as it gives it's user the abillity to quick mount and remove the camera on a VCT-14 tripod adapter plate. The VCT-14 system was designed to make it possible to balance the mounted camera as good as possible, regardless on whether the camera is mounted on the tripod or placed on the shoulder.

The built in 15mm rod support on both ends of the VMS-01 is height adjustable and can be equipped with regular carbon fibre or aluminium rods. The height adjustment ist independent of each other so there is really a lot of customization possible. The rod support can be used to mount additional equipment like a follow focus, a matte box or a power supply system directly on the rig. If you happen to have handles or accessory with ARRI style rosettes, you attach them to the left or right side of the shoulder support. Keep in mind that the mounting thread is M6.

A reliable click on quick release plate is placed on top of the VMS-01. The click on system is very well known from the VBP-01 base plate which was introduced in the same time as the VMS-01. This quick release plate of this system can be slided into the bracket traditionally from the front or back. Alternativly, and this is the best part, it can be clicked inside the bracket from the top. For this, the quick release plate must be placed askew inside the bracket on one side. When applying force the other side, the quick release plate will snap into the bracket with a click. You just have to lock the locking lever on the side to prevent the quick release plate from further moving. But don't worry: even if you should forget locking the plate, it wont fall out by itself. There is a stopping mechanism which releases the plate only after pushing the green release button on the side. But note that this mechanism does not work when you pull the plate up - it will snap out of the bracket with a click.

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Dimensions: approx. 315 x 140 x 85 mm
Weight: approx. 1200 grams