Quick release adapter with click on system.

With the VMP-01 and BP-02b base plates, Lanparte introduced a new mounting system for the quick release plate.

The QRP-02 might the most robust and versatile quick release adapter on the market. It's main advantage is the click on system which can be used to quickly mount the quick release plate by simply placing it on the mount and pushing it inside with a little bit of force. Sounds easy? Yes! And it's very reliable, too!

The quick release plate is held in position by a rail on one side and by a wedge on the other side. The wedge is moveable and is the part that will move back when the quick release plate is pushed down by the user. The same happens when the quick release plate is pulled up, at least as long as the locking lever is in "released" position. When the lever is locked, there is absolutely no movement, neither back nor forth.

The adapter itself can be mounted on tripods or base plates from third party manufacturers. It features two tripod mounts (UNC) on the bottom as well as four holes just in case you want to mount the adapter really tightly.

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Dimensions: approx. 90 x 100 x 14 mm (lower part)
approx. 130 x 54 x 9 mm (top part)
Weight: approx. 145 grams (lower part)
approx. 90 grams (top part)
approx. 235 grams (both)