Fluid zoom drive with mod 0.6 or 0.8.

The Lanparte ZC-01 fluid zoom drive is a simple tool which allows easier and faster zooming of cinema zoom lenses.

The fluid zoom drive itself isn't dampend, so it definitly requires a dampened cinema zoom lens or precisely working hand. The ZC-01 is available in two different gear types: ZC-01-8 fits classic cinema lenses and modern photographic lenses with mod 0.8, while ZC-01-6 can be used with professional broadcast lenses from Fujinon and some other brands. Both version of the ZC-01 work the same way.

Mounting of the fluid zoom drive is done on one single 15mm rods. Because of this, the unit does not take up too much of space while mounted on the rails. When used in the field, moving the long lever will move the zoom ring of the lens. This is a more convenient way of zooming, because touching a lever is easier than encompassing the whole zoom ring with your hand. Depending on the rig setup, a lever might be easier to reach as well. When used with dampened cinema zoom lenses, old-school 70's zoom transitions can be done, if required.

The mod 0.8 version of the fluid zoom drive (ZC-01-8) can be used with mountable gear belts from Lanparte or other brands. This way, even the cheapest photo zoom lens can be used with the fluid zoom drive.

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