Hard stops follow focus for 19mm rods.

The FF-02-19 is simply a FF-02 with a quick release clamp that can be used with 19mm rods.

Being the successor of the FF-01, the FF-02 inherited its super precise and backlash free gear box and the grease inside that made any movement super smooth. Lanparte also added adjustable hard stops and a quick release clamp for super fast mounting on rods. The FF-02-19 is the same as the FF-02, except for the quick release clamp being bigger and thus fitting 19mm rods of professional cinema rigs.

With its superb gear box, the FF-02-19 follow focus can be easily used for professional work. Any upgrades that can be done to the FF-02 can also be applied to the FF-02-19. You can have an extension arm (FF-ARM-02), a reverse gear (FFRG-01) and gear wheels with different sizes and mod (FFG). The adjustable hard stops allow limiting the focusing range of the follow focus which makes it possible to have precise focus transitions between two spots even when having no focus puller in the team. On the other hand, if you have one, he or she can rely on the detachable marker ring which is held by a total of three magnets. Next to the marker ring, inside the hand grip is a 12x12 ARRI style mounting socket for a follow focus whip (FW) or a speed crank (FFSC-01).

The supplied mod 0.8 gear wheel can be mounted on both sides of the follow focus. Short pancake lenses will be reacheable again thanks to this feature. For lenses that do not have mod 0.8 gears built in, there is a flexible gear belt included with the kit.

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dimensions: approx. 240 x 80 x 115 mm
weight: approx. 600 grams