Dual sided studio follow focus for 15mm and 19mm rods.

This is the real professional grade deal from Lanparte. The FF-05 is a follow focus which looks similar to other, more epensive brands, while working more precisely and being cheaper.

Lanparte aimed at professional and non-professional users when the FF-05 follow focus was developed. Because of this, the follow focus can be used with regular 15mm rods and with professional 19mm rods, just by using a simple rod adapter clamp (supplied). The main difficulty was synchronizing both hand grips while ensuring that there is no noteable backlash during operation. This was a solveable problem thanks to precise cnc milling machines.

An extension arm was already included in the design. Its angle can be adjusted and the supplied mod 0.8 gear wheel can be switched for other sizes and mods. Besides this, Lanparte also included adjustable hard stops which might help a DOP during focus transitions by limiting the total focusing range that is available to the user.

The Lanparte FF-05 will be shipped inside a aluminium suit case. A mod 0.8 lens belt is already included with the follow focus.


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