Flexible follow focus gear belt with mod 0.8.

The FFGR-01 was on of the first gear belts on the market with  such a great quality.

This gear belt was meant to be used with lenses that do not feature gears on the focus or zoom ring. Back then, in 2011, this simply solution was the only way if you wanted to use your follow focus with your Canon L professional lens or the cheap kit lens that was supplied with your new camera. This gear belt has a mod 0.8 and can be used with any follow focus on the market, as long as it uses a wheel with mod 0.8.

Mounting this gear belt might be a little diffuclt from time to time, as a little bit of force needs to be applied, which on the other hand will apply a little bit of tension on the lens. Lenses with a diameter of up to 95mm can be used with this belt. If a small lens is used, the overhanging part of the gear belt can be cut off with a knife or scissors.

There is a more advanced gear belt available with a patented method for applying tension. It goes by the name of FFGR-02.

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max. lens diameter: 95 mm
weight: approx. 20 grams