Wireless control kit for LA3D and LA3D-S gimbal.

It's finally here, your budget remotehead solution for a GoPro or a Smartphone! The Lanparte GWCK-01 wireless control kit will give you the abillity to control your LA3D and LA3D-S gimbal from a distance up to 20 meters. Wirelessly!

Usage of the wireless kit is pretty simple, if you already known how the extension cable works that is supplied with the LA3D and LA3D-S gimbal. The kit contains a transmitter and a receiver which both use the Lanparte LA3D bajonet mount, just like the LA3D gimbal head and the handle. The transmitter needs to be mounted on top of the handle, while the gimbal head is mounted on the receiver. Connection is established automatictly, once both units are powered on (succesfull connection is shown by several leds). While the transmitter is powered by the batteries inside the handle, the receiver has a battery compartment which utilizes two 18350 lithium ion batteries (supplied). These two batteries are used for the wireless function and for powering the gimbal head.

Every button you press on the handle will be transmitted directly to the gimbal head - just like if you would use the extension cable. You can switch modes, control the base and even bring the gimbal into standby mode to save power. The batteries inside the receiver will power the gimbal for maximum of three hours which should be enough in most cases.

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Dimensions: approx. 43 x 25 mm (transmitter)
approx. 105 x 49 x 42 mm (receiver)
Weight: approx. 20 grams (transmitter)
approx. 85 grams (receiver, without batteries)