3-axis gimbal for GoPro and other action cameras.

With the experience from the HHG-01, the all new LA3D-2 3-axis gimbal is the perfect solution for any GoPro Hero 3 and 4 user. And it can be even used with other brands actioncameras as well!

The Lanparte LA3D-2 gimbal features three brushless motors that are quickly controlled by an AlexMos 32 bit board. The gimbal is able to stabilize the footage of an actioncamera in nearly every situation, during paning, walking or even running. The body of the gimbal is made from anodized aluminium which feels pretty tough, despite looking fragile on the pictures. The supplied camera mount can be used to fit a GoPro Hero 3 and 4 and it can be replaced by other camera clamps which will make the LA3D-2 useable with cameras like the GoPro Session, Xiami YiCam and even the Sony AS200V. These clamps can be obtained optionally and are not included with the LA3D.

The gimbal itself has three switchable operation modes. When activated, the gimbal will remain in standby. The system will be powered, while the motors will be offline. By pressing the mode-button on the hand grip for a short period of time, the motors will turn on and the gimbal will operate in follow mode. In this mode, the camera will follow the hand grip, making paning and tilting possible. This mode will work in most situations, while staing still or while going slowly. By pressing the mode-button two times in a row, the gimbal will lock the horizontal axis, this way becoming a 2-axis gimbal. This mode is best used when walking or running is required during filming. Finally, when pressing the mode-button three times, the gimbal will go into lock mode. In this mode the gimbal will target the camera in one direction, regardless what the user will do with the handle.

With the joystick, the user can adjust the position of the platform while in mode 2 and 3. In follow mode (mode 1), the joystick will only adjust tilt position which is really handy when you have to hold the gimbal in an uncomfortable way while shooting (e.g. when the available working space is limited).

Compared to it's predecessor LA3D, the LA3D-2 additionally features a "return function" (press power-button one time) where the gimbal will return into it's initial position, a portrait mode (press power-button two times) and a 360 degree panorama rotation function (press power button three times in a row).

Another super handy feature is the bajonet style mount that can be used to separate the gimbal from the handle. With and included extension cord, it is possible to mount the gimbal unit somewhere , while being able to control it from distance by using the remote control. There is a 1/4 inch thread and a GoPro accessory compatible mount on the gimbal which allows mounting the gimbal on a suction cup or a helmet. The power is delivered from the remote control directly into the gimbal, with the option to power the mounted camera as well. There is a power outlet included in the platform which can be used to charge and power a GoPro Hero 3/4 camera directly from the two 18350 batteries that are included with the LA3D. This will greatly extend operating time of the camera, regardless which GoPro Hero version is used.

If you want to go for even longer up-time, you can simply use the bigger 18650 batteries that are optionally available. There is an extension tube included within the package which makes it possible to use two of these batteries instead of the smaller 18350.

The gimbal comes in a compact and very well done carying case. All the accessory fits in nicely - and you can even fit your action camera in there, too!

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Max. run time: max. 4 hours with two full 18350 batteries
Dimensions: approx. 274 x 117 x 93 mm
Weight: approx. 350 grams (without camera and batteries)