3-axis gimbal for smartphones of different size.

With their very first gimbal HHG-01, Lanparte gained a lot of know-how in order to build a second series, the LA3D. This is the LA3D-S2, a special version of the LA3D-2 with two adjustable smartphone clamps and advanced features.

Both, the LA3D-2 and the LA3D-S2 feature a bajonet style mount which makes it possible to separate the gimbal from the control unit (handle). Lanparte supplies an extension cord with the LA3D-S2 which can be placed inbetween the gimbal and the controller. With the 1/4 thread on the bottom and the GoPro accessory compatible mount on the side, the gimbal can be mounted in many ways, like on suction cups, magic arms, tripods, sliders, cranes or even a helmet. The handle can not only control the gimbal but it also supplies it with power. Lanparte includes two 18350 lithium ion batteries (and a charger) which can be placed inside the handle. It is also possible to use bigger 18650 batteries with an extension tube that is included as well. This way, the operation time can be increased up to 4 hours in total, depending on the weight of the smartphone and the way the unit is used.

When first switched on, the gimbal will remain in standby mode, until the mode-button on the handle is pressed for approx. four seconds. When not in standby, the gimbal will operate in follow mode, where the camera will follow the movement of the handle. This is a very general operation mode which can be used in nearly every situation. If you want to walk or run, the second mode is a better choise. This mode can be accessed by pressing the mode-button twice. This will lock one of the motors, preventing the horizont from shifting up and down (you will still be able to see some up/down movement because you are walking, but this can go away with more practice). The third mode will lock the camera completely, forcing it to look into one direction only. This mode can be accessed by pressing the mode-button three times in a row.

Additionally, the LA3D-S2 features three more modes which can be activated by quickly pressing the power-button. Pressing the button one time, will return the gimbal into it's initial state (starting position). Pressing the button two times, will activate the portrait mode for shooting vertical video. When the power button is pressed three times, the gimbal will perform a 360 degree rotation which is very handy for shooting panorama.

While in all of these modes, the user can control the platform using the joystick above the power and mode buttons. The way the joystick controls the gimbal depends on the current operating mode. With the joystick, you can adjust the camera direction in lock mode or make correction to the gimbal position in other modes.

One of the main improvements when compared to the HHG-01 is the way the smartphone is mounted. There are two different clamps supplied, each fitting smartphones with different size. These clamps are very well known from the HHG-01, but in combination with the all new counter weights and adjustment rails, fine-tuning your smartphone is less time consuming than with the HHG-01 (and it's more precise, too). Adjusting the balance correctly is crucial when operating a gimbal and with the adjustment method of the LA3D-S2, you will succeed for sure.

The gimbal is supplied in a hard case with foam on the inside, making transportation easy and safe.

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Max. run time: max. 2 hours with two full 18350 batteries
Dimensions: approx. 300 x 140 x 93 mm
Weight: approx. 420 grams (without batteries)