Basic handle with ARRI style rosette.

Upgraded version of the BH-01 basic handle, featuring a reliable ARRI style rosette for mounting the handle.

The BH-02 basic handle was first introduced with the UG-03 handles that were using ARRI style connection plates. These connection plates are made of steel and have many small teeth that interlock with each other when tightened. The main advantage of this system is being very robust, reliable and replaceable should the connection plate be worn out after many years of use.

When compared to the BH-01 basic handle, only the connection is different, while everything remains the same. The handle is made from anodized aluminium and features a soft rubber grip which makes holding the handle really comfortable, even with sweaty hands. The connection features an ARRI style bolt on rosette witha a diameter of 31mm. There is a wing screw included with the handle which has a M6 thread. The handle can be combined with the EXT-01 or EXT-02 extension and it can be mounted on many different base plates, cages and rigs by Lanparte that utilize the ARRI style rosette.

If you want to use this handle with your non-Lanparte rig, please make sure the connection thread is M6 and not 1/4 inch.

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Mounting thread: M6
Dimensions: approx. 176 x 45 x 33 mm
Weight: approx. 210 grams