V-lock battery pinch with HDMI splitter.

A very handy tool which can distribute the power of one v-lock battery to many different accessories mounted on your rig.

The Lanparte VBP-01 battery pinch is a little box with 15mm rod mount and a v-lock battery plate. Inside the box is a switching power supply which converts the 14.8 volts of the attached v-lock battery to 5, 7.4, 12 and 15 volts. Each output is stabilized so you can be sure that your camera, monitor, recorder or wireless audio will get the correct voltage.

The outputs are located on the left and right side. On the right side, you will find the charging in port, which can be used to charge the attached v-lock battery. The charging process might require a little bit more time to charge the battery completey when compared to a standalone battery charger, but then, a battery charger is not able to output stabilized voltage. This makes the charging option a great addition for travelers who want to keep their luggage as light as possible. With the battery pinch, a switching power supply is inside the box. This power supply can be operated with 100-240 volts and it can be even used as a power supply for constantly powering the battery pinch, even when no v-lock battery is available. This way, you can operate your camera and everything else that is attached to the battery pinch directly from the power socket.

For accessories that do not require stabilized voltage, a regular d-tap style connector is built into the battery plate. This output is not stabilized and can output up to 10 amp (while the stabilized outputs are limited). If you have a device with USB, you can charge it with up to 1 amp from the built in USB port next to the d-tap output. The left side in total is really interesting, as there is also the HDMI input which leads directly to the two HDMI outputs on the back of the battery pinch. With this, you can split the signal coming from your camera into two signals, one of which can feed the EVF while other one can be wirelessly transmitted to a recorder or a director monitor. If not required, the HDMI splitter can be switched off to save power.

The output ports on the battery pinch are all the same size, except for the 7.4 volt output (which in fact ouputs 8.4 volt - but that's totally ok as cameras require exactly this voltage to operate correctly). This port is smaller and can not be mixed up with the other outputs. Here, you can attach one of the many available Lanparte battery dummies / dc coupler. DSLR like the Canon 5D series, the consumer 650D or the versatile Sony A7 series can all be powered with these dummies. Even Nikon flagships were not forgotten by Lanparte.

You can mount the battery pinch on the back of your rig. The 15mm rod support can be tilted and is a perfect fit when combined with the SS-01 shoulder support. The included spiral cords will fit many chinese third party accessories like monitors or EVF but don't be to optimistic. If you happen to have expensive brand-name stuff, it is very likely that modifying the cables will be required.

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Dimensions: approx. 143 x 103 x 33 mm
Weight: approx. 410 grams